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Bersa-Tools: produce excellent membranes and repair kits
Normal situation & ndash; The car is under repair and the repair kit is needed & laquo; still yesterday & raquo ;. Thousands of car owners are faced with this. There are two ways to solve the problem:
Option one. & nbsp; Buy for a serious money branded assembly in order to then 90% of the spare parts left dusting somewhere in the garage for a long time or even forever. Lost money and time.
Option two. & Nbsp; Go to the manufacturer's website Bersa Tools and select the repair kit or KVG membrane. Specifically for your car. Note, choose and buy for the price of the parts, not the whole node. Profitable and fast.
You can go any way, but the second & ndash; You'll like it much more. Tested thousands of times.

Quality of branded components. Appreciate all over the CIS
Every year, Bersa Tools produces about 25,000 membranes and repair kits. Reliable. Individually tested. Almost for all brands of cars that can be found in the Russian Federation and the CIS.
For status cars and workhorses. For new and old cars. By the volume of assortment and the quality of finished products, Bersa Tools successfully goes ahead in several CIS countries. This is important, since it is always more profitable and safer to work with a leader. Not yet convinced?
Let's talk about our other real advantages, and you & ndash; Draw conclusions.

Why do more than 20 000 car owners choose Bersa Tools every year?
Quality of repair kits, membranes and other products. Own assembly shops, full compliance with material requirements and own OTC line. We attach great importance to quality. Masters of hundreds of car-care centers & ndash; Our best advertising agents, they not only buy from us, but also offer customers to order in Bersa Tools. It means something.
Delivery speed. & nbsp; The period from the beginning of preparation and assembly to the start of delivery of the selected products & ndash; From a few hours. We cooperate with large transport companies and do not collect orders for several days. We deliver to any region or other countries. Fast.
Low, just very low prices. & nbsp; Even if you include the shipping price, the cost of the repair kit or membrane will still be low. Selling prices of products Bersa Tools & ndash; One of our main trump cards. If you compare with the cost of the finished node, here and at all the difference reaches tens and hundreds of times. It's unlikely that you are willing to overpay this. By the way, the low price does not affect the quality of products. We take a serious turn.
A really big assortment. & nbsp; Typically, manufacturers find several available commodity items that are in demand and work only with them. In Bersa Tools differently: we have not only produced popular but also rarely in demand products. Have you not found it anywhere? Find with us!
Understand our customers. & nbsp; We know that you want to ask, make sure that you are buying exactly what you were looking for. This is normal and correct. That is why Bersa Tools is ready to help with advice, prompt, accelerate any processes. Write or call us. We will do everything.
Wholesalers from Russia and CIS & ndash; Discounts. & nbsp; Buy from 10 units of goods or spend from 25 tr, and we will give you a discount of up to 20%. Good savings.
We return some of the money for honest feedback. & nbsp; Want to get back 10% of the purchase amount? Tell us about the car forum with a link to the website of Bersa Tools. Need more? We return up to 25% for a detailed report with photos on the installation of the membrane on your car. More will tell the managers.
Shops. Car-care centers. Car owners. Save on expenses, but not on quality or speed. If you need good membranes and repair kits & ndash; There is always Bersa Tools.

Own production and sale of repair kits for foreign cars at affordable prices in the online store Delivery of goods around the world.